Von Miller's Prediction About Denver Broncos Winning Super Bowl XLVIII Should Be Taken Seriously

By Dan Parzych
(Ron Chenoy/USA Today Sports)

In most cases, professional athletes making bold predictions about their team winning titles is never taken seriously–especially when it comes from a player like Ryan Kalil heading into the 2012 season when the Carolina Panthers finished with a 6-10 record during the previous year. Of course, when a player like Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller goes out and makes a bold prediction like he did on Tuesday–it should be taken seriously.



When looking back to what happened during the Divisional Round of the playoffs against the Baltimore Ravens, the Broncos were on the verge of advancing to the AFC Championship before the 70-yard touchdown catch by Jacoby Jones near the end of regulation that sent the game into overtime. With a seven-point lead and the Ravens out of timeouts, one miraculous play by Flacco and Jones changed the entire outcome of the game to prevent Denver from advancing to the AFC Championship.

If they did manage to advance to the AFC Championship and hosted the New England Patriots–it’s safe to say they would have ended up winning the game considering all of the injuries the Patriots were dealing with.

Obviously, there’s nothing Denver can do about what happened in the past, but there’s every reason to believe they have what it takes to make Miller’s prediction come true by winning the Super Bowl next season. The Broncos were one of the hottest teams in football last year heading into the Divisional Round as they ended the regular season on an 11-game winning streak and it’s safe to say Peyton Manning will be determined more than ever to make a run at the Super Bowl.

For a team that ranked in the top 10 for both overall offense and defense, Denver could be even more dangerous in 2013–so don’t be surprised if Miller’s prediction ends up being right after all.

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