Wes Welker: Mild Disdain, Ungrateful and Unpatriotic

By andRe Christos Helios
Mark L. Baer USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all been taught that there is no “i” in team as children growing up. With that being said, what’s Wes Welker’s problem? Does he not understand the importance that teamwork is more monumental than individualism in professional football? I can understand if he was a jock playing college football and he made such a juvenile comment.

Obviously, Welker is not that smart and his “mild disdain” has made him a candidate for March’s “Dumb Jock of the Month”.

Nevertheless, how can someone such as Welker even have the energy to harbor mild disdain for the New England Patriots? Really? Let me you bring back down to planet earth, Welker-New England made you!! You played for the San Diego Chargers and the Miami Dolphins before becoming a Patriot! Your accolades and Pro-Bowl selections came when you wore red, white, and blue!! Don’t you forget that, Welker!!

What is this, high school? Are you really whining because you didn’t get the amount of receptions that you thought you deserved, Welker? Perhaps offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels understands that Tom Brady has more than one person to throw to, Wes? After all, you are not the only receiver on that team, okay?

A player with that kind of sentiment does not deserve to play for New England; it is unpatriotic and it illustrates a lack of sportsmanship and teamwork. It seems Welker has gotten high-minded and this isn’t the first time he has shown his adolescent side.

Remember when photos of New York Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan surfaced of him having some kind of foot fetish (apparently, his wife has pretty feet)? Well, Patriots players were instructed not to make any reference of it going into their playoff game against the Jets. Lo and behold! Welker made a reference such as, “We’re just trying to put our best foot forward.” It was subtle, but Coach Bill Belichick penalized him with some time on the sidelines.

All in all, Welker is not a team player if he has mild disdain for the Pats. His main concern should be the Pats winning another Super Bowl, which would mean him winning his first Lombardi Trophy. If you’re asking me, don’t franchise him and let him walk.

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