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2013 NFL Draft: Top 5 Needs for the Oakland Raiders

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2013 NFL Draft: Oakland Raiders Top 5 Needs

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When April’s NFL Draft rolls around Reggie McKenzie will have a difficult decision on his hands about who to draft.

The general manager of the Oakland Raiders must come to a decision on which of his team’s many needs is the most important. I am quite lucky that I don’t have to make that choice because Oakland has many holes it needs to fill.

This list counts down the five biggest needs, but the Raiders cannot possibly adequately address all of their needs in the draft. Their holes are just too big and too numerous to satisfy in one draft class. However, Oakland can patch up most of their holes with good scouting and drafting. Even though Oakland’s deficiencies are too numerous to address to one year, it does not mean the Raiders can’t satisfy all their needs. There is still free agency and trades and maybe McKenzie can put together a deal to obtain more draft picks so he can fill more needs.

My list comes from not only what Oakland lacked last season, but also how its roster moving forward. The Raiders lack of depth in certain key positions is troublesome moving forward and must be addressed. Oakland can do that by finding younger players in the draft or veteran minimum players.

The big issue for the Raiders is their lack of cap space. Oakland has a lot of players who are eating precious cap space which does not allow McKenzie to find solid players to fill Oakland’s needs.

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5. Wide Receiver

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Oakland has two receivers capable of being a top receiver in Darrius Heyward-Bey and Denarius Moore. However, the Raiders lack a true third or fourth receiver and there are a couple of good options for them in the later rounds.

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4. Offensive Line

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The Raiders' line was mediocre last year and in a draft with a lot of offensive linemen, Oakland can improve its depth. This may not be the biggest need, but it is something Oakland must address somehow.

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3. Cornerback

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If there was one position Oakland was weak last season it was cornerback. The Raiders lack a true shutdown corner and lacked the depth at the position last season. Oakland can probably find a solid dimeback or nickelback in the middle rounds to help build some depth.

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2. Linebacker

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Oakland needs a middle linebacker, but any linebacker will do. The Raiders' starters aren't great and the lack of depth is an issue. Don't be surprised if Oakland takes a linebacker in the first round.

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1. Defensive Tackle

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Richard Seymour is past his prime and Oakland will most likely let Desmond Bryant go in free agency, that means the Raiders are in desperate need of a defensive tackle. The Raiders' defensive line is the obvious weak point of a mediocre defense and defensive tackle is the weak point of the defensive line. If Star Loutlelei is healthy, I expect he will be the Raiders' selection.