Buffalo Bills Need to Use Scott Chandler More in Passing Game During 2013 Season

By Dan Parzych
(Robert Mayer/USA Today Sports)

The NFL has seen plenty of effective pass-catching tight ends develop into some of the league’s most dangerous receivers over the last couple of years and the Buffalo Bills may have one of their own in Scott Chandler.

Despite suffering a season-ending knee injury in Week 16 last year, Chandler showed plenty of potential for the Bills throughout the 2012 season as he finished the year with 43 catches for 571 yards and six touchdowns. Chandler may not be on the same level as some of the league’s other top pass-catching tight ends like Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham, but there’s no reason why Buffalo shouldn’t try using him more during the 2013 season–assuming he’s heathy enough to return to the field in time.

The Bills haven’t recorded a winning record since the 2004 season and after another disappointing year in 2012–they will need all of the help they can get if they’re going to have any chance of competing in the AFC East next season. It certainly won’t be easy for a team like Buffalo to overcome the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, or New York Jets in the division–so using players like Chandler to their full potential will be key in 2013.

Of course, the main factor with all of this will be whether or not Chandler can bounce back to his old self following his ACL surgery since it’s no secret how difficult it can be for any professional athlete to recover from an injury that serious.

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