Chris Johnson Won’t Rush for 2,000 Yards, but Should have Solid 2013

By Andrew Fisher

Chris Johnson made headlines last week when he stated that he will outrush reigning MVP Adrian Peterson next season. This came as a shock to many people, but not me. While I think Johnson’s claim is a bit delusional, I still applaud his confidence level. If you don’t think you’re going to be the best, you won’t be the best.

But what should fans realistically expect from CJ2K in 2013?

I think he’ll have a very good, maybe even Pro Bowl-caliber, season. After an average 2011 campaign, Johnson rebounded with a solid season of 1,243 rushing yards. Yes, still a far cry from his 2K topping season in 2009, but I’m sure Tennessee Titans’ fans will take it.

Johnson is a back who’s right on the edge of a career decline. It’s nothing against him of course, it’s just that we all know running backs have a very limited shelf life. Johnson is definitely one of the good ones, so his career might be longer than normal, but age is still going to catch up with him.

Overall, I look for him to be near the top of his game for the next two years. Whatever issues were there in 2011, now seem to be gone, and it appears Johnson is back on track. He apparently is feeling pretty good about himself to predict outrushing AP, which again is delusional, but fans shouldn’t want him thinking any other way.

Going out on a limb – Chris Johnson rushes for 1,400 yards and makes the Pro Bowl in 2013.


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