Denver Broncos May Ask Elvis Dumervil to Leave Their Building

By Craig Moir
Ron Chenoy-USA Today Sports

The Denver Broncos, as all teams at this point of the NFL offseason, have no choice but to take a hard look at their financial structure then make tough decisions that most fans do not agree with.  Executive vice president of player personnel John Elway and his staff have the dubious distinction of needing to make moves that will not only be sound monetarily, but not necessarily hurt the play on the field.  This is where Elvis Dumervil comes into the discussion.

The Broncos, although not having yet approached Dumervil, would like the defensive end to take a pay cut, or possibly be cut.  This story was first broken by Vic Lombardi of as he tweeted the following earlier this afternoon:

Lombardi tweeted also in the last two hours that:

Dumervil is going into his seventh season with the Broncos and has been a tremendous anchor on one of the best defenses over the past couple years. He has recorded 63.5 sacks, 16 forced fumbles and has played in all but five games since coming into the NFL.

Dumervil has been a great Bronco, but he still has trouble against the run, and in 2012 committed eight fouls which is too much for an “elite” end. The Broncos may feel that they will get better value with a 33 year old player such as Dwight Freeney, but remember that he will have to make the shift back to end after playing linebacker in 2012 for the Indianapolis Colts.

There is a reason that the Colts made the switch, so unless the Broncos know something we do not, I would be hesitant to go that route. Dumervil still has to be given the choice to restructure his contract, or take a pay cut, and he just may surprise us all with his desire to win as a Bronco.

Dumervil is set to make $12 million in 2013, $11.623 million in 2014 an $9.816 million in 2015.

Every Broncos fan out there would love to keep Dumervil, as he is one half of the best pass rush in the NFL, along with LB Von Miller. Without him, Elway would be asking a lot from second year starter Derek Wolfe to step up and fill the void. Freeney is clearly not the same player he was in year’s past, so the sacks and quarterback pressures have to come from somewhere.

The NFL is a business. The hardest part about understanding this business is that sometimes fan favorites have to be sacrificed. Everyone saw the magic that Elway was able to generate last offseason, and how it translated to on-field success. Let’s just hope that both sides can either agree, or Elway has some tricks up his sleeves. It would be a shame to watch Elvis leave the building in the mile high city.

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