Denver Broncos Rumors: Elvis Dumervil Asked to Take a Pay Cut

By Joe Morrone
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL off-season is exciting at times with trades and free agency, but there is a business side too. Because of the salary cap, teams are challenged to put together the best roster possible while also putting together the financial puzzle.

The Denver Broncos find themselves between those two challenges when it comes to defensive end, Elvis Dumervil.

As a player, the front office loves Dumervil but his current salary does not fit into the financial part of the plan. As good as Dumervil is, he is the third or fourth-best player on the defense, but he is being paid as if he is the best.

That doesn’t work with the salary cap and will have to change. The Broncos are going to try and get Dumervil to agree to take a pay cut, and the defensive end is likely to balk at that idea. Von Miller is the Broncos premiere pass rusher at this point and they will have to pay him in the next two years. As much as they would love to keep both, the salary cap does not always allow for such luxuries.

There is only so much money to go around, and sometimes there are tough choices that have to be made. The Broncos will do everything in their power to get something with done with Dumervil, but it won’t be easy. It’s pretty easy to see both sides of the argument.

The Broncos are trying to put together the best team possible and that means allocating their money in the best way they see fit. Paying Dumervil over $12 million a year just doesn’t work.

Teams get into salary cap trouble when their salary structure gets out of whack and they start over-paying players. Dumervil is a good player, but not at his current salary.

The end game is simple – the salary for Dumervil will be cut, or he will be. That sounds harsh and the Broncos would miss him on the field, but it’s the price of doing business.

If Dumervil is released in the next few days before free agency, look for the Broncos to go hard after former Peyton Manning teammate Dwight Freeney. He would provide some of the same things that Dumervil brings at a much lower price.

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