The Cleveland Browns to Have a Motion Picture

By Ryan Ruiz


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A long time ago, there were rumors that actor Kevin Costner was looking to buy a home in Bay Village, OH (about 20 minutes from Cleveland) right on the lake. Spending my teenage days in Bay, I can assure you that never happened, but Costner is making his way to Cleveland. The Cleveland Browns are going to be featured in a new movie called “Draft Day”.

Being directed by Ivan Reitman (Stripes, Ghostbusters, Animal House), the film will star Costner as the Browns’ GM that is trying to make a major move on draft day to turn the teams’ misfortunes around. The movie looks to be a comedy-drama that will also carry other storylines about Costner’s characters’ family life.

The city of Cleveland supposedly “beat out” the city of Buffalo for Reitman to save over three million dollars in costs. Ohio is offered better tax incentives for motion pictures over New York. This movie was supposed to be about the Buffalo Bills.

Costner is no stranger to sports films. He has starred in cult sports hits such as “Bull Durham”, “For the Love of the Game”, “Tin Cup”, and “Field of Dreams”. The film could start shooting this year later this summer. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” also starts shooting in Cleveland this summer.

Maybe this is just what this town needs, an energy boost from Hollywood to jump start the Browns franchise. In 1989, the movie “Major League” came out about the Cleveland Indians. Then in 1994, “Major League II” came out and all of the sudden, the real life Indians started doing really well. If not for a strike ending season, many believed the Tribe was going to bring Cleveland their first title since 1964.

Call it a coincidence, but the Indians went on to win five Central Division titles and two AL Pennants in the 90’s. Just maybe, the Browns will have a similar destiny. Please get to filming Mr. Costner!

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