The New York Jets Know Tim Tebow is a Very Good Football Player

By Rodney Coe
New York Jets Tim Tebow
Don McPeak-US Presswire

With all the speculation that the New York Jets were going to cut Tim Tebow very soon, it’s hard to imagine they could all be wrong. Maybe the Jets know Tebow can play football.

Tebow was a legend in college, helping his Florida Gators win two National Championships in four years. They also contended for a third one in his senior year, but lost to Alabama in the SEC Championship game.

He won the Heisman as a sophomore. That year he threw (yes threw) for 3,286 yards, had a 66.9% completion percentage, and threw 32 touchdowns. The next two years he threw for 5,641 yards and 51 TD. Tebow also rushed for 2,478 in three years as a starting QB, with 49 TD.

Maybe Tebow can play football. Maybe even QB?

Tebow has also proven himself as a pro. The  Denver Broncos were drowning before they put Tebow in. Tebow took them to the playoffs and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Can the Jets do any worse with Tebow as QB? Why not give him that shot? They brought him in to be the back-up and play in the wildcat. Why didn’t they use him? Tebow could be the best wildcat QB to ever play in the NFL.

Tebow would be a great fullback. Some have mentioned tight-end. Heck, if you told him to, he’d play without a helmet.

This young man is an athlete. If the pundits, critics, and, yes, haters would tell the truth about Tebow, they would all say he is a very good football player.

Maybe the Jets know that?

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