2013 NFL Draft: NFL Scouts Intrigued by Barely Used College Player Terrell Brown

By Ben Grimaldi
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to finding NFL caliber players, there is no stone left unturned by scouts. It’s this process that leads to late round draft picks, or even undrafted players, becoming stars in the NFL and it appears as though some scouts are now looking into a player who barely got on the field in college.

Ole Miss offensive lineman Terrell Brown is being checked out by NFL scouts because of his enormous size. Despite playing in only two games for the Rebels during his senior year, Brown intrigues scouts because he checks in at 6-foot-10 inches and 388 pounds. At that size, he would be the tallest player in the NFL; no word on where he would ranks in terms of weight.

Brown didn’t play much or get invited to the NFL Combine because according to his former offensive coordinator Mike Markuson, he was almost too huge to play, adding that Brown didn’t possess the flexibility to move. It’s very hard to play football at a high level if you don’t have the agility to move well.

Maybe the reason why NFL scouts are sniffing around Brown if he hasn’t proven to be an NFL caliber player is because the league is becoming more and more specialized, so it makes sense to check out every player you think can help your team. But where would anyone play Brown, especially in today’s NFL where players are getting faster and more athletic every year?

Perhaps some team may sign Terrell Brown to play on special teams as field goal blocking specialist? It sounds like a joke but it’s not. NFL teams will do anything to gain an edge and trying out Brown as a player who can prevent points would be an enormous gift to any team.

Brown still needs to prove his worth to the NFL but for now, there’s nothing wrong with scouts doing their diligence on massive player.

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