Andrew Luck Lives Up to the Hype, and Then Some

By Andrew Fisher
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know that people actually doubted Andrew Luck was as good as advertised after going No. 1 in last year’s NFL Draft? It’s true. I guess you could say those people were just a tad off the mark with that prediction. It happens…

I can say, as believer in Luck, that even I didn’t see the that rookie season coming. I figured he’d have some success, and that maybe the Indianapolis Colts could win five or six games? That would have been a huge success in the eyes of nearly everyone around the league. But no one saw an 11-win playoff season coming, no one.

Luck was the driving force behind the Colts resurgence. The rookie threw for 4,374 yards and 23 touchdowns, all while leading his team on seven game-winning drives with four 4th quarter comebacks.

The maturity level he displays is nothing short of remarkable. He’s a student of the game, and a player who’s never satisfied with his results. These are uncoachable characteristics, and the intangibles that make Luck great.

The scariest part of all? He didn’t even win rookie of the year. What does that say about the quarterbacks in the NFL right now? And make no mistake about it, Luck is in the discussion of the league’s best after only one season.

I hate to use the comparison because it’s so easy, but Luck is the second-coming of Peyton Manning. Indianapolis aside, these two guys are what I call ‘football nerds.’ They’re both constantly studying pictures of the defense on the sidelines, they’re always talking to players and coaches about what to do, and half the time they’re basically calling the game on the field. The proverbial – Field General.

The Colts have themselves a Field General, and dang good one at that. As with any young quarterback, it will be interesting to see how Luck responds to defenses after they’ve had a year to study him. But if Luck is the guy I think he is, he’s hard at work right now studying up on the defenses.


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