Atlanta Falcons and Darrelle Revis: The Viability Debate Continues

By Leigh Allen
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons plus cornerback Darrelle Revis equals… what, exactly?

The answers are debatable.

Winning? Perhaps. Losing? Possibly, but the loss isn’t necessarily exclusive to the game on the field.

Revis’ natural talent cannot be denied, and that ability is not the immediate issue. His past accomplishments speak for themselves. When they don’t, he can be counted on to discuss them in detail.

Revis is out for Revis. Any thoughts to the contrary are misguided at best. The New York Jets are quietly willing, if not outright eager, to trade him; that inclination cannot be ignored.

The Falcons are a team. The analogy of ‘Revis Island’ denotes the egocentric isolation he’s known for. This isn’t the acclaimed television show Survivor; the option to vote him off does not apply. Yet if it were, the majority (if not unanimously) would and should elect to not bring him on board.

Suppose the Falcons sign him, history repeats itself and Revis decides to holdout (again) for more money. He isn’t concerned with a salary cap when it comes to his money; that proof is in the pudding. If this scenario came to pass, a team is again left hanging. If the deal is resolved, but its resolution is unsatisfactory to him, how will that affect his game? Would he come back in and be willing to put aside the negativity and give 100 percent for the team? Would he adopt the same apathy seen before with the Jets and become an absent-without-leave liability?

The question becomes, is the price it would cost worth it to gain that talent?

Absolutely not.

The Falcons would do well to explore other viable options and leave the island in the ocean.


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