Atlanta Falcons’ Dynamic Duo: Julio Jones and Roddy White

By Leigh Allen
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

When the Atlanta Falcons drafted wide receiver Julio Jones in 2011, even they didn’t foresee the tremendous showing he’s made in a relatively short amount of time. What they were looking for was someone to eventually step in for veteran wide receiver Roddy White.

From the beginning of an uncertain 2011 season to the end of a strong 2012 season, they have changed that ‘for’ to a ‘with.’

As unfortunate as it sounds, having Jones and White strong and available softens the blow of losing running back Michael Turner to the cutting blade of the salary cap. While in the process of finding someone to fill the spot that Jacquizz Rodgers vacates to take over for Turner, Rodgers is more than capable of fulfilling the essential duties he’s been given until that time.

The pairing fits well with quarterback Matt Ryan. This may well be the most secure Ryan has felt with any wide receiver during his Falcons’ tenure, much less having the bonus of two. Jones, no longer a rookie but not yet a veteran; White, a seasoned (but not yet old-timer) professional who has honed his craft considerably. Their individual styles and skills are interchangeable on the field. Where one ends when returning to the bench, the other begins when taking the field.

The dynamic duo of Jones and White have proven to be a perfect tandem. That tandem is primed and ready to help take the team to the heart’s desire of every Falcon and Falcon fan…a previously intangible Super Bowl victory.


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