Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco Were $1 Million Apart on Six-Year Deal Last Year

By Dan Parzych
(Matthew Emmons/USA Today Sports)

The six-year, $120.6 million deal signed by Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens to make him the league’s highest-paid quarterback will be one of the most popular topics discussed throughout the 2013 season. Even if he did lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl XLVII victory over the San Francisco 49ers, it’s debatable whether or not Flacco deserves that type of money compared to other quarterbacks considering he’s never even crossed the 4,000-yard passing mark or thrown for more than 25 touchdowns in a single season.

What’s even more crazy about this contract situation between Flacco and the Ravens–how close this record-setting deal was to never even happening in the first place.

Apparently, the two parties were working on a six-year deal before the 2012 season, but Flacco and the Ravens failed to reach an agreement because they were $1 million apart on an agreement. That’s right–an extra $1 million over a six-year span turned out to be the difference maker in Flacco not receiving a long-term deal before last season.

Obviously, this worked out well for Flacco considering he most likely would not have received as much money as he will be now since winning the Super Bowl played the main factor in this recent deal happening. However, from Baltimore’s perspective, it has to sting a little bit when looking at all of the money they could have been saving over the next six seasons if they were willing to just chalk up an extra $1 million for their beloved quarterback last year.

The deal that never happened between Flacco and the Ravens last year would have guaranteed him around $35 million instead of the $52 million he’s guaranteed now–so give Flacco credit for holding off on signing a deal back then.

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