Calvin Johnson Could Become Next Barry Sanders for Detroit Lions

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Calvin Johnson is the best wide receiver in the NFL, that’s a fact. The Detroit Lions are a franchise known for losing, also a fact.

They’re a team that’s had a player like this before in Barry Sanders. He was the league’s best running back during his tenure in Detroit, but the team never really put much else around him, and as a result, they never got close to the Super Bowl. Fans of the Lions have to hope this won’t become the fate of Megatron.

It’s kind of ironic that what Detroit needs most now, is a running back. Here we are fifteen years after Sanders, and the Lions can throw it all over the field, but they lack a good ground game.

After finally making it back to the postseason in 2011, the Lions relapsed in 2012, finishing dead-last in the NFC North. It turned out to be a record-setting year for Johnson with his 1,964 receiving yards, but it was all for nothing. Records are great, but they don’t automatically put W’s on the board. That’s what the Lions need more of, and the only way to get there is by establishing a good running game.

One free agent solution would be Reggie Bush. I see Bush as a very good fit in Detroit because of his ability to run and catch. Bush has shown that he’s now capable of running between the tackles, and has averaged over 1,000 yards rushing the past two seasons. Adding him into the mix would change the entire dynamic of the Lions’ offense.

That’s just one example of a player who could change things in Detroit, and I’m sure Megatron won’t be picky as to who they bring in, as long as it’s someone that can take the pressure off of him. Without a good running attack, the Lions will continue to be bottom-dwellers in the NFL. I sincerely hope Johnson doesn’t become the next Sanders, in the Motor City.


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