Can Minnesota Vikings Re-sign Percy Harvin and Sign a Big Name Free Agent Like Mike Wallace?

By maxselim
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With NFL free agency looming, there has been much speculation about the Minnesota Vikings adding a top notch wide receiver to their dwindling receiving corps. Earlier this week the squad released Michael Jenkins and they do not appear likely to re-sign Devin Aromashodu. With roster spots available and an obvious need, the team is already being linked to big name free agents like Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings.

But remember the Percy Harvin conundrum? The talented, versatile receiver is entering the final year of his contract and Vikings’ GM Rick Spielman has been insistent that the team is not considering dealing their 2009 first round draft pick. Harvin, while ultra-talented, has developed the reputation of being a bit of a diva. He seems like a holdout candidate which makes the Vikings re-signing him before training camp a premium concern.

Harvin will likely demand more than $10 million per year. Wallace surely will get paid in that neighborhood, too. It will be hard for the Vikings, who have a tight cap, to pay top dollar out to two wide receivers in the same year. After Wallace signs, the market will indicate Jennings‘ value, but it is assumed he will go for about $8 million a year.

As a Vikings fan, I would be pretty appalled to see a playmaker like Percy Harvin go. But even with Harvin in the lineup, the team struggled to move the ball through the air. Rookie Jarius Wright looked promising after being activated in week 9, but it still seems apparent that the Vikings will need to add a receiver that will stretch the field and create separation for pedestrian QB Christian Ponder to make some throws.

So the big question is: can the Vikings re-sign Harvin and go get a big name wide receiver? If the team does sign Mike Wallace next week, does that mean Percy’s contract has been put on the back-burner? Only time will tell, I suppose. It will be interesting to see how the Vikings navigate a tricky situation and upgrade their receiving corps to keep pace with the other high flying offenses in the NFC North.


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