Dallas Cowboys Should Look Into Recently Released Right Tackle Eric Winston

By Ben Grimaldi
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys checklist hasn’t changed much since the season ended and last time I checked, that list began with fixing their offensive line. Dallas could be in luck because there are plenty of good free agent offensive linemen in the free agent market and the draft is filled with quality prospects so this is the year the Cowboys should shore up their weakest link.

That process could start with signing right tackle Eric Winston, who was recently released by the Kansas City Chiefs. Winston is a seven-year veteran who has started 103 career games and been a solid player in his career. The Chiefs signed him to an expensive contract last off-season and cut him just one year into the deal.

We all know the Cowboys don’t have the money to sign any big name free agents but they should look into Winston. He’s solid, reliable, would eliminate their right tackle problem and be a step in the right direction for the Cowboys offensive line. If they could sign Winston, they would have their tackles set, along with Tyron Smith, and they could focus on drafting the best guard on their board in April. Then the Cowboys would finally have the look of an actual NFL offensive line.

Of course we don’t know how much money Winston will ask for, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Maybe Jerry Jones can do one of his salesman tricks and convince Winston to take a few dollars less.

Winston isn’t the best answer there is for the Cowboys offensive line woes but he would certainly be an upgrade over Doug Free. With all the other big name linemen out there in free agency, teams maybe looking elsewhere before turning to Winston.

The Cowboys need to take the exact opposite approach and look into Eric Winston before someone else does, lord knows they need him.

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