Kevin Costner Will Play Cleveland Browns GM in Upcoming Film Called 'Draft Day'

By Dan Parzych
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Everybody knows Kevin Costner has a strong fan base as one of the greatest actors in Hollywood, but his fan base in the state of Ohio may be increasing now that he’s set to take on a new role as a Cleveland Browns general manager in an upcoming movie called Draft Day.

The movie surrounds the struggles of Costner as the Browns general manager who ends up with the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft after, but ends up making numerous trades that have a major impact on the team’s current roster. And of course, no sports movie would be complete without the drama of romantic relationships and personal issues with family on top of everything Costner’s character already has to deal with related to the Browns.

All jokes aside, this movie could not have picked a better team to use for this movie considering how much the Browns have struggled over the years. What’s even more funny is the Buffalo Bills were originally expected to be the team featured in this film before they realized it would be cheaper to shoot the film in the Cleveland area.

Either way, sports fans should be excited about this film considering Costner has always been a fan favorite for his role in sports movies. Who knows–maybe Costner’s performance in this film will land him a role as a future general manager in Cleveland considering he would most likely be a better fit than anyone else they’ve had over the last couple of years.

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