New York Giants Will Always be Contenders with Eli Manning Running the Show

By Andrew Fisher
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

It wasn’t the greatest of years for the New York Giants in 2012. Halfway through the season it looked like the G-Men would cruise into the playoffs, and at worst, host a playoff game. But over the finals weeks of the season, things collapsed, and the defending champions failed to make the postseason to defend their title.

It was something I just didn’t see coming. I didn’t see a scenario where the Giants would miss the playoffs. I thought they were finally over the up-and-down play that’s plagued them over the past several years. So in a way, it’s not really that surprising they missed the playoffs, but I’m sure it was still terribly disappointing for the fans.

The reason I wouldn’t be worried if I was a Giants fan – Eli Manning. No. 10 will bring the franchise back in 2013, and they’ll be right in the thick of things in the NFC East just like they always are. It’s tough to be confident of the results once the Giants are in contention for a playoff spot, but Manning will get them back where they need to be.

That’s really all you can ask for as a fan – a chance to make the playoffs every year. Manning provides that opportunity, and then some, as witnessed in 2008 and 2011.

It’s funny to think that just two years back, people scoffed at the idea of Eli being an elite quarterback. People just couldn’t believe he put himself in that top-tier category. Well, he showed them, and it finally seems like even the Eli-haters have quieted down. I used to be one of them. I hated Manning for crying about being drafted No. 1 and refusing to play in San Diego. But, after years of getting beat up by the media and a couple Super Bowl rings, he’s earned my respect.

Eli Manning is one of the game’s great quarterbacks, and the Giants will be back in 2013, because of him.


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