New York Jets still shopping QB Tim Tebow

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Tim Tebow
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Did you hear the latest news about Tim Tebow? No, because there’s nothing to hear.

Tebow has been on the trading block for months now. The only problem is that no one is biting as the New York Jets look to get some sort of return on their failed experiment. More than likely, no one ever will.

When the Jets traded for Tebow last offseason, he was expected to make an instant impact and push fellow quarterback Mark Sanchez for the starting spot. Instead, he rode the bench all season long, watching helplessly as Sanchez floundered. Even when the Jets threw in the towel on Sanchez, Tebow received a slap to the face in the form of Greg McElroy getting the starting nod. It was a mess.

The reality that Tebow is a subpar quarterback finally dawned on the Jets. It took them the majority of the 2012 campaign to come to that conclusion, but better late than never I guess. The process of unloading him has been just as much of a reality check, though.

One of the biggest hang ups on a potential deal is the knowledge that, if a trade partner isn’t found, the Jets will release Tebow after only one season with the team. Why would a potential suitor want to send assets to New York when they could just play the waiting game and get Tebow once he hits the open market? It’s not like teams will be lining up to table an offer.

The fact remains, however, that Tebow isn’t seen as a valuable player. If he couldn’t earn snaps with one of the worst teams in the league, how is he going to contribute elsewhere? At this point in his NFL career, he’s nothing more than a gadget player who can’t be trusted with the football in his hands.

While there has been plenty of speculation regarding potential landing spots (San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles), it’s all rumors created by the media. No one wants him, and for good reason.

Tebow Time is over in the NFL. Maybe the UFL or CFL would enjoy the extra publicity.

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