Nnamdi Asomugha Makes a Cameo Appearance on Comedy Central's "Kroll Show"

By Joe Doris
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

When an NFL player has a wildly disappointing stay with a team and is waiting patiently for his imminent release, the next steps he should take are courting potential new teams, looking for a new home, and making an appearance on a late-night Comedy Central sketch show.

Wait, what?

Believe it or not, Philadelphia Eagles CB Nnamdi Asomugha made a rather humorous appearance Wednesday night on the season finale of Comedy Central’s Kroll Show.

The sketch-comedy program features actor/comedian Nick Kroll in a hilarious compilation of skits that are primarily directed towards mocking, imitating, and exaggerating modern reality television shows. Kroll is also the lead writer and executive producer for almost every episode in the series.

Asomugha appeared on the show as the future-husband of a character named Liz G. (played by Kroll dressed and made-up as a woman), who heads an imaginary publicity firm called ‘PubLIZity’ with her identically first-named best friend, Liz B.

A large portion of the season finale episode consisted of Liz G.’s planning and publicizing in regards to her and Asomugha’s wedding. Too bad sweet-ole Nnamdi was actually the master-mind behind a horribly cruel (if real) prank-show hoax.

Immediately before his expected wedding vows, Asomugha obnoxiously revealed to the gathering that the entire engagement was the product of a (fake) new prank-show entitled Nnamdi’d!

After enthusiastically informing Liz G. that “she just got Nnamdi’d,” the Eagles’ cornerback mocked her, insulted her and equipped her with a hat that read, young guessed it, “Nnamdi’d,” across the front.

I thoroughly enjoyed Asomugha’s television appearance, primarily because I just love seeing professional athletes make appearances in any foreign practice. Also, I thought that Asomugha made a relatively successful comedic debut on a widely followed and well received television show.

Of course, you would think that Asomugha would be much more concerned about his future in the NFL at this point, but you can not fault the man for considering alternate career paths.


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