Washington Redskins: How Good Can Robert Griffin III be this Year?

By Rodney Coe
Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III
Daniel Shirey-US Presswire

The Washington Redskins rocketed to the top when they signed Robert Griffin III in 2012. The young, talented star is shining brightly through the NFL.

Take a look at his stellar credentials: Griffin attended college at Baylor University, and graduated in three years with a 3.67 GPA in political science. He won the Heisman at Baylor in 2011. In 2012, he was named the NFL Rookie of the Year. Griffin improved his team’s win record by plus-five, and led the Redskins to their first playoff win in seven years. He is an impressive young man.

In his Heisman season at Baylor, he had a 72.4 completion percentage, 37 TD, and 4,293 yards. Griffin threw for a total of 10,366 yards, 78 TD, and rushed for 2,254 yards. Amazing to think about, because he really only played three years of college ball, missing nine games his sophomore year when he suffered an isolated tear to his ACL on his right knee.

Now he is recuperating from reconstructive surgery to that same knee. Griffin had a direct repair to the LCL, and a redo of the ACL. He hurt his knee in the Wildcard game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Griffin is a warrior. He didn’t want to come out of the game in 2009 at Baylor when he hurt his knee. This year, he hobbled up and down the field, until finally the knee gave way. Head coach Mike Shanahan took criticism for leaving Griffin in the game, but RG III wouldn’t have come out as long as he could still play.

This year, Griffin threw for 3,200 yards and rushed for 815 yards. He has unlimited talent and intellect. He’s a class act on, and off, the field.

Winning a Heisman one year, and then Rookie of the Year makes you wonder how good RG III can be this year.

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