Aaron Rodgers In Need of Reliable Running Back

By Andrew Fisher
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The last two seasons haven’t exactly gone the way Aaron Rodgers would have hoped. The Green Bay Packers have been bounced from the divisional round of the playoffs each year, and Rodgers has been left with nothing besides an MVP trophy to show for it. While I’m sure he’ll take the MVP award, we all know he would rather have another Lombardi trophy.

But how close are the Packers to getting back to being legitimate Super Bowl contenders?

Their current roster isn’t a whole lot different than 2010, but many changes are of course looming with free agency and the draft right around the corner. It’s clear that Green Bay is doing a little house cleaning and retooling before 2013. Their current roster hasn’t been getting the job done, and changes are needed.

The biggest change needs to be in the Green Bay backfield. Over the past several years the Packers have had multiple players try to step in and become an every-Sunday back, but it just hasn’t worked out. Cedric Benson seemed like he would finally be the answer, but injuries ended his 2012 season before it really got started. It now seems unlikely he’ll be brought back in 2013.

It’s unclear whether the team will target a back via free agency again, or if they will look to the draft. I think the best long-term answer is to draft someone, and develop them in their offensive system.

As far as Rodgers is concerned, he won’t be getting back to the Super Bowl until he’s able to hand if off to a reliable back that can help carry the load. We all know it’s Rodgers’ show, but he needs some help on offense, and that starts with the player lined up behind him.


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