Acquiring Reggie Bush Not a Smart Move for Atlanta Falcons

By Ken Grace
Robert Mayer — US Presswire

The Atlanta Falcons have an empty spot in their backfield due to the release of Michael Turner, and Reggie Bush of the Miami Dolphins is one of the names being mentioned to replace him.

Reggie Bush rushed for 986 yards on 227 carries and made his way into the end zone six times in 2012. He also put up some great fantasy numbers from time to time as well. Aside from the brand that is Reggie Bush, acquiring him would not be a smart move for Atlanta to make.

Acquiring Bush would hinder Jacquizz Rodgers’ development; one who has skills similar to Bush. Rodgers, 23, only rushed for 362 yards and accounted for only one touchdown for the Falcons, but he was a huge part of their offense last season. He is lightning quick and has the ability to catch passes out of the backfield, an element missing from the Falcons’ offensive attack in previous seasons.

Rodgers is still young and has a lot of learning to do but is probably on the verge of a breakout year if the coaching staff continues to work with him. Acquiring Bush would essentially give Atlanta two running backs possessing the same skill-set, the only difference would be Bush’s experience. It could make for some chaos for defenses but neither back shows the capability of converting those short third down situations that Atlanta often finds themselves in. Also, neither back can really be used to close games out down the stretch; something that saw Atlanta basically having to keep scoring until the game ended to win at times.

Bush is electric without a doubt and would probably help Atlanta bring in a few more fans with his likability but his production would probably be similar to Turner’s, meaning Atlanta could end up a few running plays short of the Super Bowl again, just like this past season.

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