Is it OK for New York Jets Back-up QB Tim Tebow to be a Christian?

By Rodney Coe
New York Jets Tim Tebow
Phil Sears-US Presswire

The New York Jets have had a tough year, falling in just about every category in the NFL. They also have a Bible-living Christian on their team, Tim Tebow. But Tebow is more than a Christian. He is a gracious, decent, giving, honorable young man. If he weren’t a Christian, would we at least say he’s a good man?

We can disagree on his QB skills and have a good healthy debate on it. That is open to opinion and should be the method by which any QB or player is judged.

However, now the news is shifting to where he goes and speaks. If he were of the Muslim faith, would we mind if he went and spoke at a Mosque? If he were Jewish, would it be okay if he spoke in a synagogue?

I am not condoning the poor choice of words or hateful speech of any pastor or person. I am commending a young man who simply believes in the principles of Christianity.

Can we talk about the hospital he built in the Philippines or what the Huffington Post said in July 2012: “In its first year, the Tim Tebow Foundation—which brings hope to orphans and kids battling life threatening diseases—far surpassed its original fundraising goals, the Daily reports. The nonprofit aimed to pull in $2.5 million and managed to rake in a little over $4 million.”

There are other Christians in the NFL. Many have done extraordinary things for their communities. There are also men of other faiths in the NFL and they have also done extraordinary things for others.

But Tebow seems to be a lightning rod. Rather than criticizing his faith, why can’t we just debate his football skills?

Is it okay for Tebow to be a Christian?

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