New York Giants Still Have A Lot Of Work To Do Before Free Agency Begins

By jason evans
Jim O’Connor — US Presswire

If the New York Giants want to get back to the Super Bowl, like they did two years ago, this off-season is going to go a long way in helping that. The Giants have about $9 million in cap room to play with. They’re looking into keeping their own, before going elsewhere to add to the team.

Here’s the thing with that cap room, $7 million of that is going to restricted free agents Victor Cruz, Stevie Brown and Andre Brown so that only leaves $2 million left. That won’t let them re-sign Kevin Boothe, Martellus Bennett or David Carr. The team wants to sign Boothe and Bennett before 12:01 tomorrow morning when teams can negotiate with other free agents.

There hasn’t been any news as to what the team is going to do with David Diehl yet and I’m not sure why that is. Diehl has a cap hit of about $6.8 million next season. According to, Diehl’s base salary is $4.475 million. There has to be a way that, if they intend to keep him, to cut that down to about $1 million and give the rest to him as a signing bonus.

Giving Eli Manning a contract extension, like the one Tom Brady received, would help things as well. Manning has a base of $13 million this year. If they can get that to about $8 million and give the other $5 million as a bonus, that would help things as well.

The Giants are in a very tricky spot money wise, not just for now, but for in the future. Eventually, restructuring deals will catch up with them and they will have to rebuild a bit. But for now, the team has a lot of work to do to try and get back to a Super Bowl level.

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