Rest Assured, Chip Kelly Will Run His Offense

By OJ Spivey
Howard Smith-USA Today

Despite grumblings from some Philadelphia Eagles fans and certain media about what head coach Chip Kelly’s philosophy will be, it’s just a waste of time to speculate otherwise than what’s painfully obvious. Kelly will indeed run his read option offense in the NFL. Yes, Kelly is playing it close to the vest by not revealing much if anything to the public and that’s a good thing. Let’s be reminded that Kelly is not only a rookie head coach in the NFL, he is new to the league, period. It makes perfect sense.

Although the inevitable is no surprise, many are also wondering what Kelly’s plans are especially with second year quarterback Nick Foles still on the roster. Truth is once again, there’s no way Foles could fit into the plans of this new Eagles regime. Kelly brought in Michael Vick, Dennis Dixon and now G.J. Kinne for a reason. They are all pretty capable of helping Kelly implement his offense whether it be in practice or during games. If not, why go through all the trouble of restructuring Vick’s deal?

Of course, no one expects Dixon or Kinne to be under center come September 2013. All indications are that the quarterback position is Vick’s to lose. There’s also plenty of time to move Foles on the heels of teams adjusting their salary cap for the free agent frenzy next week and during the NFL draft in late April. Either way, Foles should land on his feet elsewhere and perhaps compete for a starting job.

Chip Kelly is a bright guy. Smart enough to tweak his offense which will be a necessity in the NFL and slick enough not to tell us exactly what he’ll do as of right now. He hasn’t come this far doing other than what’s made him an excellent college coach. Kelly’s peers confirm all of that. His former players swear by his success. The league and the NFC East in particular are already on notice, perhaps staying up at night wondering how to adjust their defenses. Rest assured ladies and gentleman, like it or not, agree or disagree, Charles Kelly will run HIS offense and his only.

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