Vincent Jackson Getting Receivers Larger Contracts Across NFL

By Andrew Fisher
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As we get closer to the free agent market opening next week, one deal keeps getting mentioned for receivers – Vincent Jackson‘s five year/$55 million contract. This now seems to be the benchmark for elite receivers in the NFL. All the reports you read about receivers wanting new contracts, always seem to mention Jackson’s five year/$55 million deal.

Jackson’s $11.1 million average salary is good for the fourth highest average in the league for receivers.

Anyone who’s been following players like Dwayne Bowe and Percy Harvin this off-season knows that they both want/wanted Jackson-like money. In fact, Bowe’s new contract just edged out Jackson’s by $1 million dollars. Bowe will now make a slightly higher $11.2 million average salary over the next five years.

Jackson no doubt earned his $11.1 million in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, having a career-season of 1,384 receiving yards and eight touchdowns.

Many questioned whether Jackson was worth the large contract he inked last year, but those questions were answered. You now have to consider Jackson in the group of elite receiver around the league.

For those other free agent receivers that consider themselves in that category, it will be interesting to see how many top Jackson’s salary. Mike Wallace apparently rejected a larger contract offer last season, and Harvin is supposed to be set on getting paid in a similar way.

Jackson’s contract is just another classic example of setting the bar a little bit higher, resulting in increased wages for everyone in his league.


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