We've Yet to See the Best of Adrian Peterson

By Andrew Fisher
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Peterson was the best player in the NFL last year. He amazed audiences across the country, rushing to a near record 2,097 yards, and the MVP award. It took some people awhile to come around, but by week 17, most were convinced, and he won the honor by a comfortable margin.

Peterson has no doubt set the bar really high for 2013, but I think that’s the way he likes it. We’re talking about a guy who’s goal is to rush for 2,500 yards and rack up another 1,000 receiving yards through the air, every season. We’re talking about a guy who made ACL rehabilitation seem like it was nothing.

Throw the knee injury out the window, and his 2012 campaign is still spectacular, but with it, it becomes legendary. We witnessed one of the most remarkable seasons by player in NFL history.

So how can he possibly get better?

The answer is – through the air. If Peterson continues to develop as a pass-catcher, and if the Minnesota Vikings bring in some talented receivers to complement him, everyone will be in business.

Peterson did what he did on the ground last year against eight and nine-man fronts. Opposing teams knew the Vikings were going to run it nearly every play, and he still tore apart defenses, week after week. Just imagine if the Vikings do work this off-season, and substantially upgrade their receiver corps. That mixed with AP in his prime, would be a recipe for success in Minnesota.

At the same time, if he can evolve as a pass-catcher, it will be nearly impossible for defenses to draw up a game-plan to stop him. But even with all the receptions aside, I still believe Peterson will threaten Eric Dickerson‘s single-season rushing record in 2013. He was so close, and you know that will only further motivate him to break the mark.

When you mix goals and Peterson’s determination, good things happen. Mark my words, we’ve yet to see the best of Adrian Peterson.


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