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Denver Broncos 2013 NFL Mock Draft, Week 1: 7 Rounds

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Denver Broncos 2013 NFL Mock Draft: 7 Rounds

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The NFL draft is now less than two months away and we will have the Denver Broncos covered for you. This is the first of seven mock drafts that we will put out every week. You might be asking why do we need seven, is it really going to change that much? That’s a great question.

It’s possible that this mock draft could very well end up being the same as the one right before the actual draft on April 25th, but it’s doubtful. A lot is going to change between now and when the Broncos make their first selection late in the first-round.

The primary thing that is going to change the mock drafts is free agency which starts on Tuesday. The Broncos have needs like every other team in the league and there are two ways to fill those needs, free agency and the draft.

Because free agency takes place first, that can change what the Broncos do in the draft. For example if the Broncos sign a running back in free agency, then they are going to be less likely to select one in April.

The Broncos are also in need of a defensive tackle and that is a position that is typically hard to fill via free agency, so that is likely to be an area of focus in the draft.

In the coming weeks, we will keep you up-to-date with all of the roster moves that affect the draft for the Broncos, and we will do our very best to at least give you an idea of where John Elway will be looking when the draft kicks off.

With all of that said, here’s the Broncos first mock draft on Rant Sports. It should be noted that the Broncos do not have a sixth round pick, so the slide show will go from round five to round seven.

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Round one-Sylvester Williams-Defensive Tackle-North Carolina

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Sylvester Williams fits a need for the Broncos on the inside of the defensive line. He is 6’3”, 313 pounds and is a force in the middle. He is almost impossible to move with only one blocker and often takes up more than one blocker. He is the prototype player to play the tackle position in a 4-3 defense, which the Broncos play.

Williams also fits what defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio wants in his defensive tackles; players who are difficult to move but also have the athleticism to make plays behind the line of scrimmage. Williams is also adept at beating double teams and making plays in the backfield. If the Broncos go here, Williams would start from day one at defensive tackle.

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Round two-Robert Woods-Wide Receiver-USC

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The Broncos will be looking to add weapons for Peyton Manning especially if Brandon Stokley is not back. Robert Woods could be the pick here, he would have to slide a little but it is possible. Woods was expected to put up huge numbers at USC but overall, he was a disappointment. However the talent is there and if anyone can exploit that talent, it’s Manning.

Woods struggled once he was the number one receiver, but that would not be a problem with the Broncos. He would be the third option at best and would have plenty of time to develop. There’s enough talent there that the Broncos might take a shot on Woods.

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Round three-Stephan Taylor-Running Back-Stanford

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If Stephan Taylor is still on the board when the Broncos make their selection in the third-round, he could be on his way to Denver. Taylor is a bigger back at 216 pounds and would be a nice complement to Ronnie Hillman. He would fill a major need in terms of short-yardage for the Broncos and would be great on the goal-line as well. The Broncos need someone who can get a yard when they need it; Taylor could be that guy.

Taylor is also an excellent blocker which is a must if you are playing with Manning, and he is a good receiver out of the backfield. In 2012 he caught 41 passes with two going for touchdowns. If the Broncos are unable to address the running back position via free agency, Taylor will be difficult to pass up in the third-round.

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Round four-Leon McFadden-Cornerback-San Diego State

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Elway puts a premium on being able to cover the opposing wide receivers and to that end, the Broncos can never have enough cornerbacks. Leon McFadden would fit nicely as an extra defensive back for the Broncos, with the potential to eventually become a starter. McFadden has all of the skills to be an excellent man-to-man cornerback in the NFL. He is extremely quick and explosive, but is also willing to provide run support.

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Round five-Josh Evans-Free Safety-Florida

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The Broncos are pleased with their young safeties, Quinton Carter and Rahim Moore, but they will likely look to add one more in the draft. Josh Evans could be a perfect fit for their pick in the fifth round. He is a physical safety who plays both the run and pass very well. Evans is also smart and knows how to play the game which is a must for the quarterback of the secondary.

Evans also showed the ability to cover man-to-man in college which is a huge plus for a safety. The Broncos could very well look down south if Evans is still on the board in the fifth round.

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Round seven-John Wetzel-Offensive Tackle-Boston College

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One of the Broncos goals in the offseason is to move right tackle Orlando Franklin into right guard; they feel he would be a better fit inside. In order to do that, the Broncos have to find a new right tackle. John Wetzel could be that guy in the seventh round.

Wetzel was a stand out on a bad Boston College team where he showed the ability to both run block and pass protect. His size at 6’7”, 308 pounds is prototypical for an NFL right tackle. The Broncos would be very happy to find a player in the seventh round that could very well be a starter, and Wetzel might be that guy.

The draft is still a month and a half away and a lot is going to change, but this gives all Bronco fans an idea of what the team might be trying to do in late April. Free agency will be well under way before our next mock draft next week. Stay tuned to see how that changes what the draft needs are for the Broncos.

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