Denver Broncos Free Agent Rumors: Team Interested in Running Back

By Joe Morrone

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s early, very early, in the free agency season. In fact, we are only in the first few hours of the three day period where teams can only talk to players. Signings cannot take place or even be announced until Tuesday afternoon. However, because of the world we live in, news is going to leak. Some of it will have some basis in fact and a lot of it will be people making stuff up.

Having said that, it appears as if the Denver Broncos are going to make a run at signing free agent running back Steven Jackson formerly of the St. Louis Rams. The rumors, again they are rumors, state that the Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons are the two primary teams who have an interest in Jackson.

If the Broncos were able to pull this off and bring in Jackson, they would go from the favorite to win the Super Bowl to the overwhelming favorite to win the Super Bowl.

With all due respect to Willis McGahee, Jackson would be a substantial upgrade and the Broncos would be a dual threat on offense. As good as they were in 2012, the offense would go to another level with Jackson lining up in the backfield with Peyton Manning.

The Broncos ran the ball well at times last season but really struggled in short-yardage and defenses played the pass all year. If Jackson signs with the Broncos, opposing defenses are going to have to make a choice and it’s not a good one.

If defenses play five or six defensive backs in an effort to stop Manning, then Jackson is going to run and run some more. If teams put eight men in the box to stop Jackson, then Manning is going to have a field day throwing the football.

The offense for the Broncos would be extremely difficult to stop, and they would be able to run the ball with a lead in the fourth quarter. Something that ultimately cost them in the playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

In addition to being a great compliment to Manning and the passing game, Jackson would also help second-year running back Ronnie Hillman. Jackson would pound teams with his powerful style of running, and then Hillman would come in and blow by people who have been worn down.

There’s no guarantee that the Broncos will sign Jackson or even that they are actually talking to him, but if they are able to get something done, then a World Championship may be in store for the Broncos in February of 2014.

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