Kansas City Chiefs Thoughts: Mike Greenberg's Kiss Of Death

By Jason Drake
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Greenberg, of ESPN’s “Mike And Mike In The Morning” radio show, was happy about the Alex Smith trade between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fancisco 49ers, and thought it was a good move for the Chiefs.

Anyone who has ever listened to Greenberg pick games for more than thirty seconds will realize his blessing is the kiss of death for the team he stands behind — they always lose.

But, once you realize that, it can end up being pretty good for you, as one could actually benefit very nicely by just going with the opposite of whatever he picks.

The problem comes when he backs your team. C’mon Mike! Haven’t the Chiefs suffered enough? This is their second 2-14 season in the last five years. The first came courtesy of Herm “I Don’t Worry About The Score” Edwards.

Only in America can someone like Herm “I Know What It Takes To Win” Edwards, take a 10-6 team, turn it into a 2-14 team in three years, and still manage to get a sweet job at ESPN giving his “expert” opinion. Was Rich Kotite unavailable?

Since Greenberg is a New York Jets fan, you’d think he’d know first-hand Edwards’ Run-Run-Incompletion-Punt offense. Or, the occasional Run-Run-Run-Field Goal offense. But I’m just a writer with a little cable TV show, so what the blue hell do I know?

Maybe one day Greenberg will put his powers to good use, and start picking the New England Patriots every week, but in the meantime, can you please give the Chiefs a break?

One day I’ll list some of Edwards’ quotes from his time in KC — they are priceless.

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