Marty Mornhinweg Gives Indication On Who He Wants As Quarterback For 2013

By Stephen Conway
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

Newly appointed offensive coordinator for the New York Jets, Marty Mornhinweg has big plans for the “new” west coast offense that the Jets will implement for the 2013 NFL season.

In an interview with, Mornhinweg expressed that there was not a necessity for a quarterback with a high completion percentage; in fact, he might want to lean the opposite direction.

“Some of the great ones have really not thrown for such a great accuracy,” said Mornhinweg. “Steve Young was astronomical accuracy-wise. Brett Favre wasn’t. Brett Favre, I believe won an MVP two different times out of the three times that he won it, throwing for 58, 59, 60 percent, somewhere in there. So they all come in different shapes and sizes.”

It’s not every day that you can come across a Young, or a Favre, but Mornhinweg is talking about a big play quarterback, someone who will take chances to get that game-changing play.

“Now those guys, those men that throw for a little bit less accuracy typically are generating a little bit bigger pays on occasion, so there’s a little bit of a tradeoff there,” said Mornhinweg.
This gives some idea of what type of quarterback Mornhinweg is looking for, and this could be good or bad for current quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez was 30th in the NFL last year in completion percentage, with a poor touchdown to interception ratio of 13 to 26. This is good in a sense that Sanchez doesn’t have a good completion percentage, which doesn’t matter for coach Mornhinweg.

What he does care about his the big game changing plays, which Sanchez — as far as he has shown — is not capable of creating.

This is a good sign, however, that the Jets may be switching gears from a traditional quarterback to looking for someone with the play style like Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers, or Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. There is no quarterback in the free agent market currently that fits that skill-set. Draft prospect Geno Smith out of West Virginia comes to mind, but that’s a long shot.

With three teams ahead of the Jets at the ninth overall pick that are in need of a quarterback in the Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, and the Jacksonville Jaguars, it is unlikely that Smith falls to number nine. However, if he does, landing Smith might make Mornhinweg a very happy coach.

Mornhinweg also alluded to bringing the running backs out of the backfield into short yardage receivers.

“If our backs have that talent we certainly will do that … you may see that a little bit more than you have in the past,” Mornhinweg said.

Whatever the case me be, Mornhinweg is excited for the challenge of shaping up this offense, and Jet fans should be too.

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