Thanks to Andy Dalton, the Cincinnati Bengals Smile and Say—Carson Who?

By Rodney Coe
Cincinnati Bengals Andy Dalton
Troy Taormina-US Presswire

In the NFL, quarterback moves are a big deal. For the Cincinnati Bengals, switching from seven-year veteran Carson Palmer to Rookie Andy Dalton went so smoothly they forgot Palmer’s name.

The Bengals got a gem when they drafted Dalton in 2011 with the 35th pick in the second round. Ripe from Texas Christian University, the Horned Frogs QB had broken about every school record they kept. A few examples: 71 TD, 10,314 passing yards, 812 completions, and had a completion percentage of 61.6%.

Dalton’s swift ride to the top of the Bengals depth chart started with this rookie NFL quarterback being named as player of the month in November 2011. That year he threw 3,398 yards, 20 TD and 13 INT. As they say in Texas, he took off like he wanted to git somewhere.

Last year was Dalton’s sophomore year as a NFL QB, and he sure didn’t have a slump. Dalton threw for 3,669 yards, had 27 TD, and he raised his QBR by seven points to 87.4. Compare that to Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco numbers last year: 3,717 total yards, 22 TD and a 87.7 QBR.

We can’t help but see by those numbers that when a team has a good quarterback and talent across the board, they can win it all. With Dalton staying as a Bengal, the QB play will not be a problem. He is really playing well, and is a rising star in the NFL. When the Bengals increase the skill level around him, Dalton will take the team, and the town, back to glory land. That’s what the fans are waiting for, ever since they drafted the other guy who now plays in LA.

What was his name again?

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