Chief Thoughts: Leon Sandcastle And Other Free Agency Options

By Jason Drake
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Super Bowl is a month old, it’s the perfect time to discuss the Leon Sandcastle ad. What did you think Kansas City Chiefs fans? Were you bummed as it reminded everyone that the Chiefs have the number one pick in the draft, a pick they’ve never had in their entire history? They were so bad they actually have to be given the opportunity to get the best college player available to help them. This fact was then broadcast on the biggest stage for the whole world to see at the pinnacle game the Chiefs haven’t been to in 40 years.

Or, were you like me, just happy to see the Chiefs on TV? My expectations have been so low that I’m happy to see any coverage. How far the mighty have fallen. Ever see the NFL Top Ten program on the NFL Network? Every time they would show Dan Fouts, John Elway, Terrell Davis, LaDainian Tomlinson, or anyone else running roughshot over some opponent, I would be happy if the back of the jersey that was chasing them was red and gold. How sad.

So for Andy Reid, my expectations are very low, at least for this year.

If the Chiefs didn’t need some quality offensive lineman, I wouldn’t mind if they took Leon Sandcastle with the first pick. He seems pretty good. Maybe in free agency they can pick up Terry Tate, office linebacker, or quarterback, Shane Falco, if the Washington Sentinels cut him in the next few weeks. Anyone is better than Brady Quinn, in my opinion.

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