Miami Dolphins Have an Absolute Asset in Mike Pouncey

By Craig Ballard

Dolfans around the globe are anxiously awaiting the results of this offseason as the Miami Dolphins have salary cap space plus a ton of early picks in the 2013 NFL draft. Earlier today I wrote an article acknowledging that while they need to add players to the skill positions on offense, let’s keep in mind that the offensive line requires attention and upgrades as well (that article is HERE). That put me in a grateful frame of mind when it comes to how lucky Dolfans are to have Mike Pouncey anchor the middle of the o-line.

Pouncey has a twin, Maurkice Pouncey with the Pittsburgh Steelers (Mike is older by one minute) who entered the NFL one year before Mike did (2010, Mike entered in 2011) and Maurkice has earned Pro Bowl recognition in all three of his seasons. Mike has yet to be honored as a Pro Bowl player, but that time is right around the corner as his play has been very good and very consistent. I would actually give an assist to Pouncey on the first ever Pro Bowl birth in 2012 for the big fella that plays to the immediate left of him, Richie Incognito.

Pouncey is a complete center who may even continue to improve going forward as Joe Philbin has a long history of working with and further developing offensive linemen. He works fantastically in tandem with Ryan Tannehill to recognize pre-snap adjustments that they need to make. Once the ball is snapped, his footwork and skill allow him to run block left, run block right, or create leverage to keep from being pushed into the pocket on pass plays.

Pouncey is absolutely a top five center in the league, and honestly I feel he is top three caliber. Right here, right now, I am very comfortable predicting that next season’s Pro Bowl will have Mike Pouncey on the roster, likely even the starter. On a roster full of question marks, ‘Phins phans can rejoice that they have big Pouncey.

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