New York Jets Have To Make More Subtractions Before Additions Start

By Dan Pizzuta
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The new NFL league year is a little over 24 hours away as of this writing, and the New York Jets are getting set to improve whatever they can once the free agency period officially begins.

The Jets currently sit a little more than $7 million under the 2013 salary cap, as estimated by That’s quite a feat considering the Jets entered the offseason some $20 million over the cap. Through cuts of underperforming veterans like Bart Scott and Calvin Pace, the Jets were able to free up just enough money to feel comfortable enough to join the NFL equivalent of a rush into Walmart during the early hours of Black Friday.

Though while the Jets have some money to spend, it’s not quite enough to rush towards the big screen TVs like the rest of the masses. The Jets might stand and look at the televisions for a while and start telling the other customers they’re interested in getting one, but in reality when it comes to buying something, the Jets will be looking for hidden gems in the $5 DVD bin.

Of course, there are going to be some good values in free agency, as mentioned here, here and here—but unfortunately not here, they’re already sold out of Matt Moores.

The Jets’ cap situation isn’t mathematically the worst in the league, but after accounting for the lack of skill on the current roster, the situation certainly doesn’t look any better. Two starting guards, a starting tight end and both starting safeties are set to hit the free agency market as well. This isn’t to say whether the Jets are or are not interested or should or should not bring those players back, but someone is going to have to be playing in those positions next season. Even exchanging those players for—to steal a baseball term—replacement level talent will cost something.

The Jets want to restructure Santonio Holmes’ contract to clear some cap space. The Jets should restructure Santonio Holmes’ contract to clear some cap space. The Jets should probably just call in their top paid players and have a group restructuring session.

Tim Tebow could still be released. Darrelle Revis could still be traded. But like those two possible moves, the big names that will be involved with the Jets this offseason will be on their way out, not coming in.


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