Tim Tebow Will be in Hall of Faith

By Rodney Coe
New York Jets Tim Tebow
Rob Foldy-US Presswire

New York Jets back-up QB Tim Tebow recently spoke at Liberty University. His statement, “Football is just a silly game,” has raised the ire of football bloggers everywhere. But understand Tebow is ultimately not concerned about making it to the NFL Hall of Fame. His main focus is being in the Hall of Faith.

We can debate his QB skills, but we shouldn’t penalize a man for living out his faith in his God. To be a Christian by definition means to follow Christ. Tebow’s statement at Liberty is just that, a comment about his faith, not his football.

I have said that Tebow is not ready yet to be a starting QB in the NFL. But if he works hard in this offseason, changes his throwing motion, works on his accuracy, then maybe. However, he could be a great fullback, or wildcat QB. Why isn’t that the topic of conversation? Why is anyone’s faith open for criticism?

He prays on the sidelines, and we call it Tebowing. He was set to speak at a large Christian church with a pastor that said some controversial things, and we condemn Tebow. He speaks at the major Christian University in the country, and because someone else said something controversial, Tebow again is at fault.

Why don’t we just say it; the problem is not Tebow the back-up QB, it’s Tebow the Christian. We’re condemning the man for his faith. That is what people really don’t like.

Tebow is not concerned with his future NFL status. He honestly knows it’s all in God’s hands. He cares more about being in God’s Hall of Faith than the NFL’s Hall of Fame.

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