Denver Broncos Should Grant Elvis Dumervil His Release

By Craig Moir
Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

The stare down has begun between the Denver Broncos and DE Elvis Dumervil. The question remains: who will blink first? The Broncos have already requested that Dumervil take a pay cut to remain with the team, while the end’s agent proposed a restructured deal. This might turn into the classic game of chicken between two sides that are protecting themselves.

Dumervil is set to make $12 million in 2013, just under the past two seasons when he was making $14 million each year. He has posted 38 1/2 sacks in three of the past four years, while sitting out the 2010 season due to a torn pectoral muscle. Dumervil is well worth the money that the Broncos have invested in him since he joined the team in 2006, but all indications lead to executive vice president of player personnel John Elway heading in another direction.

Dumervil has been a consummate professional, with no off-field troubles and excellent on-field contributions, and we must understand that this is a business. There is no harm in Elway wanting to push the envelope, but if he does not feel as if Dumervil is going to budge, then he should take the high road and grant the release that the All-Pro end is requesting.

According to Marty Magid, Dumervil’s agent, both sides understand that they are at a crossroads, and his client holds “no animosity” towards the Broncos. Magid goes on to say that, “if we can’t reach common ground and you know as an organization that you’re going to release him, then we’d like for them to release him by (2) p.m. tomorrow and not wait another four days. No hard feelings. We just disagree on their restructure option.”

The Broncos can wait until Saturday, when Dumervil’s contract expires, but that would be unfair to a player that has given his all in the orange and blue. Free agency begins tomorrow at 2 p.m. M.T., and Elway needs to make sure Dumervil is released by then so both sides can part amicably. To hold Dumervil until Saturday would be a waste of quality free agency time and an ugly way to end a good tenure.

The NFL is a business that needs to be handled in a certain fashion to give any team the best chance at succeeding on the field. Let’s just hope that Dumervil is allowed to go out without a hitch and the Broncos do right by a player that has done right for them.

Rant” your views in the comments section below on the imminent release of Dumervil, and who should replace him if the sides can not agree to terms.


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