Elvis Dumervil has Asked for his Release From the Denver Broncos

By Joe Morrone

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the Denver Broncos will release defensive end Elvis Dumervil in the coming days, maybe even in the next 24 hours. Dumervil has asked for his release before the start of free agency on Tuesday afternoon, and my guess is the Broncos will grant his wish.

The two sides have been unable to come to terms on a new contract. The Broncos want a pay cut and Dumervil wants to restructure. When the team is unwilling to restructure and the player is unwilling to take a pay cut, it doesn’t take a genius to see the writing on the wall. While I understand the frustration and confusion among some Broncos’ fans, I have to side with the team here.

As we’ve been talking about in the weeks leading up to free agency, putting together a roster is more than just talent. Don’t get me wrong, talent is always the number one priority, but that talent has to fit together and fit within the salary cap.

Dumervil, as good as he is at rushing the quarterback, just does not do enough to warrant $12 million a year. By releasing him, the Broncos can free up another $8.75 million. That translates to two, maybe three players the Broncos can add on the free agent market.

They would be able to add players like Rashard Mendenhall and Dwight Freeney, and really not lose that much. Freeney is not Dumervil, but he is more than capable of getting 10-12 sacks playing opposite of Von Miller. Mendenhall would be an instant upgrade to the running game. In essence, the Broncos would fill two positions for the price of one. That’s how the game of salary cap football has to be played otherwise you end up like the Dallas Cowboys, $20 million over the cap and having to cut players just to get under the cap.

The Broncos are going to part ways with Dumervil not because they are having problems with the cap; they are probably going to release him in an effort to improve their team. The whole team.

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