Seattle Seahawks Trade For Stud WR Percy Harvin

By gilgerard
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin is on his way to Seattle according to numerous reports across major media outlets today. The Seattle Seahawks are getting one of the most dynamic WRs in football and when you can package Harvin anywhere on the field with Russell Wilson‘s scrambling ability? All of a sudden the Seahawks could be a favorite in the NFC to make the Super Bowl next year.

The trade is apparently costing the Seahawks their first round pick, and there could be more coming. The actual picks have not been confirmed by anyone but I would be stunned if the Minnesota Vikings traded him without getting a first back.

I’m not stunned this trade happened because Harvin clearly wasn’t happy with the direction of the Vikings, but at the same time- why would Minnesota just bow to what he wanted? We see this way too many times in professional sports. Player signs contract. Player doesn’t like team anymore. Player demands trade. Team trades player for less than he’s worth.

With all that being said, I do love this move for Seattle. I would imagine Harvin is much happier and I bet Pete Carroll jumped for joy when it was official. We’ll see if the Seahawks can live up to the hype their about to get, but I would imagine- things are going to go well for this franchise in 2013.

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