Washington Redskins Parting Ways with DeAngelo Hall Was Necessary

By Greg Bradshaw
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins’ cornerback DeAngelo Hall has been a feast or famine type player during his nine year NFL career.  That has never been more evident than his four full seasons in Washington. Hall, a native of Chesapeake, Virginia, was brought to the Redskins to provide lock down coverage on opposing wide receivers.

Unfortunately, Hall’s tenure in Washington has provided mixed results. While Hall recorded four interceptions for the Redskins in 2012, he has not provided enough big plays to justify his stay in Washington. The Redskins’ pass defense was borderline nonexistent in 2012, giving up too many big plays to opposing offenses. More often than not, Hall was found trailing the opposing team’s best receiver, unable to prevent a big play.

While I am not an advocate of anyone losing their job in this struggling economy, the Redskins were justified in relieving Hall of his cornerback duties. Hall is set to earn $8 million in 2013, which is an excessive amount for a Redskins’ team desperately trying to recoup salary cap space. If Washington were to release Hall, they could use the money in an effort to resign their own free agents. Tight end Fred Davis and linebacker Rob Jackson are unrestricted and restricted free agents, respectively. They have the potential to make greater contributions at their respective positions than Hall was.

Now the big question is who will fill the void at cornerback caused by Hall’s departure? While it’s not impossible, Washington cannot expect to find a blue chip cornerback in the 2013 NFL draft like they did in finding running back Alfred Morris in the 2012 draft.  Richard Crawford, Jerome Murphy, and Cedric Griffin will battle for Hall’s former position. None of the aforementioned cornerbacks invoke visions of an efficient starting cornerback. Nevertheless, the Redskins had better find Hall’s replacement quick if they want to avoid the downright dismal pass defense that plagued them last season.


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