Buffalo Bills Make the Right Move in Releasing Ryan Fitzpatrick

By Dan Parzych
(Kevin Hoffman/USA Today Sports)

There’s been plenty of speculation this offseason about whether or not the Buffalo Bills should release quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick considering he’s been nothing but a disappointment since signing a hefty contract during the 2011 season. Now, it looks like the Bills have realized what a poor investment Fitzpatrick was and will part ways with their former quarterback.

As bad as this sounds, the move shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone considering Fitzpatrick has been one of the most inconsistent quarterbacks in the NFL throughout his entire career. He may have shown potential at times, but Fitzpatrick is clearly not the type of quarterback to build a franchise around and his numbers from the last two seasons are the perfect example as to why.

So what does this mean for the Bills from a quarterback prospective heading into the 2013 season? Well, for starters, it’s clear that Tarvaris Jackson isn’t the answer to their issues at quarterback–so expect another player to be added through free agency or the 2013 NFL Draft.

One key player that comes to mind–Geno Smith of West Virginia. Smith has shown potential to be the best quarterback from this year’s draft class and with the eighth pick, Buffalo could be in the perfect position to land the star quarterback.

Only time will tell as far as what happens for the Bills, but on the bright side–at least they don’t have to worry about Fitzpatrick being their quarterback anymore.

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