Chicago Bears: Free Agency Decisions

By danielleanderson
Mike DiNovo- USA Today Sports

In case you live under a rock, I would like to inform you that  the NFL‘s free agency begins this Tuesday. For all of the opportunists out there searching for an athlete, these are the ones you should look for. By not being employed, they may actually assume you care for them! All jokes aside, this means the unemployed modern day gladiators (football players) are going to become apart of a team once again, hopefully.

With so much recent movement, including the firing (such a harsh word) of  D.J. Moore, and Johnny Knox no longer in the league, many are wondering who will be joining the roster of the Chicago Bears.

Well, search no further. I have some inside sources (my trusted Google search) that provides me with this information. As of yesterday, RB Armando Allen was offered a tender.

At this point, I will consider this a good decision; however, DT Nate Collins has not been tendered and is reportedly looking to sign to another team, according to the He was reportedly quoted saying, “absolutely there is a chance I will be back”.

We all know he probably wants to stay, but he obviously just wants to keep his options open while he searches for a team that may pay more. We all know at the end of the day football is not just a game, and it is all about the pay.

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