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Chicago Bears Get Added Boost With Martellus Bennett Signing

Martellus Bennett versus the Bears

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have grown tired of spotty tight end play and are in efforts to sign Martellus Bennett to a contract later in the day. Bennett spent four years with the Dallas Cowboys, but had the best year of his career with the New York Giants in 2012.

In 16 games Bennett was able to haul in 55 receptions and catch five touchdowns with over 620 receiving yards. Compared to Kellen Davis, the Bears starting tight end in 2012, Bennett is surely an upgrade at 26-years-old. For example, Davis caught just 19 passes last season with a lowly two touchdowns while starting in all 16 games.

Jay Cutler has to be happy to hear this news as any good NFL offense needs a tight end that can clog the middle of the field and catch passes in the clutch. Greg Olsen was one of Cutler’s favorite targets when he was in town, but since Olsen left the Bears have struggled mightily to find a pass-catching tight end. New head coach Mark Trestman will have to find a way to get Bennett involved in an offense that was entirely one-dimensional with Brandon Marshall being the only wideout that Cutler had any faith in last year.

This move may mark the beginning of a busy offseason for Chicago, however the Bennett move isn’t a minor deal. Pessimists will call this move a reach as Bennett spent four years with Cowboys and didn’t do much, but if his season with the Giants is any precursor to his tenure with the Bears, then this will be a slam-dunk.

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