Dallas Cowboys are a Perfect Match for a Recently Released Tight End

By Ben Grimaldi


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The song and dance has gotten old for the Dallas Cowboys as free agency is rapidly approaching, and that is the fact that they don’t have much to spend on any new players. Word is the Cowboys will wait out the first few rounds of free agency and go after the lower level free agents that fall by the wayside. Luckily for the Cowboys, a player has just been released that would make a perfect fit for their offense.

Randy McMichael was released today by the San Diego Chargers and he would make a great addition to the Cowboys. McMichael is not a great receiver but what he does bring to the table is his blocking. He’s one of the better blockers in the league at the position and the Cowboys could really use a bruising tight end to help out on the offensive line. He also played for Norv Turner, who runs a similar offense to the one the Cowboys use so there wouldn’t be a steep learning curve.

The best part though, is that McMichael would fit nicely into the Cowboys price range. With the team on a limited budget and still trying to create more cap space, signing McMichael to a short deal at a reasonable price makes sense.

At 34-years old, McMichael is an older and doesn’t offer much as a pass catcher but the Cowboys have Jason Witten and James Hannah to catch the majority of the passes. Don’t get me wrong, John Phillips was a nice player for the Cowboys but he isn’t in McMichael’s class as a blocker and Hannah offers significantly more upside as a receiver, so Dallas should move on from him.

An opportunity just opened up for the Dallas Cowboys and they should take advantage of it. It wouldn’t be a flashy move, but it’s one worth making.

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