Indianapolis Colts: Team Could Make Trio Blockbuster Moves Soon

By Eric Smith
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have signed six guys in day one of free agency. None of these moves were moving the scale, but they were setting up depth on the defense and starters for the offensive line.

Soon, though, the Colts could be making the big blockbuster moves.

The Colts have three guys that all have interest and want to be in Indianapolis. All three would make this team instant Super Bowl contenders and could make this defense the best they’ve ever had in Indy.

The first move would be signing Ricky-Jean Francois. His first choice was with the Philadelphia Eagles and said if he didn’t have a deal before he left Philly he was heading to Indianapolis to make a deal. Well, the Eagles went elsewhere and now Francois is headed to Indianapolis.

Francois, 6-3, 295 pound defensive tackle was a vital part of the San Francisco 49ers resurgence. He’s played all three years there and recorded 49 tackles. His big frame is a huge run stopper but also a big threat at putting pressure on the passing game. His pressure was the main reason the 49ers were so good.

The Colts had no real defensive tackle last season and were forced to put old defensive ends as tackles. They planned on having rookie Josh Chapman play, but he was out all season due to injury. If this move happens, Francois would start and Chapman could back up and add huge depth.

The next move for the Colts would be signing defensive end Cliff Avril. Both sides have mutual interest and a deal is almost done. Avril, played all five years for the Detroit Lions and was a big part of their defense.

He has 168 tackles, 39.5 sacks, 16 forced fumbles and one interception during his career. He used a hybrid role at his previous teams in which the Colts play now, and also played collegiate ball at Purdue. He’s known as a player with a huge motor and again big enough to play defensive end for this team.

Imagine this defensive line next year with Avril and Cory Redding on the outsides and Francois plugging the middle?

If that’s not good enough news a third move by the Colts is looming. There’s mutual interest from safety LaRon Landry and the team. They’ve also had interest in Ed Reed who also plays safety.

If they could get one of those two to fill out this free agent class the Colts would be the best assembled team they’ve ever had in Indianapolis. They honestly may rival the best dynasties in all of sports if they can pull all of these moves off.

They’d have depth at every position and the youth to be a powerhouse for quite some time. The cap room is a huge blessing and bringing in guys that work for this system would only make this team better. These free agents signing are fun enough, but they’ve got another draft class to bring in this year.

With the success from last year’s draft, imagine what they could find in April’s draft. This team would now be drafting backups the next few drafts and have third stringers that could start on teams.

I know it was rough last March when the Colts cut ties with Peyton Manning, Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday, Pierre Garcon, Gary Brackett and Melvin Bullitt. That, though, was a blessing in disguise as that freed up a ton of money to sign all of these players to make the major upgrade.

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