Let Free Agency Begin for the Cleveland Browns

By Ryan Ruiz
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It can not be stressed enough how important it is for the Cleveland Browns to be active in free agency today starting at 4pm. In the past, the Browns have been spectators and let everyone else take players that enhance their team. It’s time for that to end and it’s time for the Browns to intelligently pounce like a tiger.

Arguably, the Browns have two shots at getting solid draft picks: their first round (6th overall) and third round (66th) overall. After that, are they really going to get solid starters out of the fourth, fifth, and two sixth round picks? In a way, today is also draft day for Cleveland and their knowledgeable fans.

While rumors have spread like wild fire all over the web about area native and former black and yellow star James Harrison, the soon-to-be 35 year old does not intrigue me one bit. The names that do get me excited are Cliff Avril, Louis VasquezBrandon Myers, and Antoine Cason. Each one of these players would fill a void in the Browns’ swiss cheese depth chart.

Avril could instantly make the orange helmets’ entire defensive line better. Vasquez is a 25 year old beast that has started 54 NFL games. If you have no clue who Myers is, then you didn’t see last season’s match up against the Oakland Raiders. Myers lit up the Cleveland secondary catching a career high 14 balls for 130 yards and a touchdown. And, if you think the Browns’ secondary is completely fine if the season started tomorrow, you are sorely mistaken. Cason would be the perfect compliment to the other side of Joe Haden. The former first round pick and 26 year old has 12 career interceptions. I like his height at 6’1″ and will cover much better than Sheldon Brown by default.

There is a theme to these choices. All of these players are in the prime of their careers. All of these players are 27 years old or younger. And, finally all of these players will make an immediate impact on this team. The Browns need to be smart and follow advice my mother gave me a long time ago, spend your money wisely.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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