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Miami Dolphins 2013 Mock Draft, Week 1: Seven Rounds

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Miami Dolphins Seven-Round Mock Draft

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As the 2013 NFL Draft draw nearer, the Miami Dolphins are getting set to fill some needs that they have with the 12th overall pick.

Last year, the Dolphins picked up a gem in quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who has proven that he can be a successful quarterback in the NFL. Tannehill shows great promise, but he is going to need some weapons to throw to if he is going to continue his success, and lead Dolphins to a playoff berth.

Another position of concern is on the offensive side of the ball, at the tight end slot. The fins’ have two nice tight ends, but they need one legitimate tight end that could be used alongside Anthony Fasano as another weapon for Tannehill to throw to.

On the defensive side of the ball, defensive end and secondary positions come to mind as points of emphasis. One could argue that the defensive side of the ball isn’t as much of a concern as the offensive side of the ball, but one could argue vise versa. It can go either way, but you can be certain that the Dolphins will take care of both issues either during the draft, or in free agency.

With the latest re-signing of Matt Moore to a one year contract, it appears that the Dolphins still want him to come in to compete and aid Tannehill. With free agency just under the way, the Dolphins should look to the draft as a place where they can revamp their holes.

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First Round: Cordarrelle Patterson, Wide Receiver, Tennessee

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One of the top concerns heading in to the draft his acquiring weapons for Tannehill, and with the 12th overall pick, you need to draft wide receiver, if there’s a capable receiver to fill that void. Cordarrelle Patterson out of Tennessee is the number one wide receiving prospect in the draft, and the 10th overall projected prospect, so it makes sense for the Dolphins to grab him here. With no other team ahead of the Dolphins who are really in need of a receiver, Patterson should hang around until the 12th pick, where the Dolphins will grab him. Patterson has good size, good hands, and is a physical receiver who can make plays down the field. His issue in the NFL will be establishing his routes and controlling his physicality down field. If the Buffalo Bills don’t go for a receiver, which likely would be Patterson if they go that route, drafting him is a no brainer for the Dolphins.

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Second Round: Jamar Taylor, Cornerback, Boise State

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It’s not a secret that the Dolphins desperately need secondary help. Many analysts have the Dolphins taking corner Xavier Rhodes out of Florida State in the first round, but there are other great corners in the draft that you could grab in the second round to get the most value out of your draft. One of the top prospects on my radar is corner Jamar Taylor out of Boise State. Taylor is an instinctive, dependable corner, which is such a coveted quality to have as a corner coming out of college. Taylor’s 4.3 40 time gives every indication that he can keep up with just about any receiver in the league, and his physical toughness exhibits that he is up for any challenge. Taylor will fly under the radar because of his injuries woes and inconsistency with playing press, but with comparisons drawn to Ronde Barber, Taylor has so much potential, which is why the Dolphins should look to pick him up in the second round.

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Second Round (2): Montee Ball, Running Back, Wisconsin

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With Reggie Bush likely moving on, the Dolphins are in desperate need of a running back, maybe two. Montee Ball makes sense at the 24th pick in the second round because he's a top running back prospect. Projected to go in the third round currently, Ball had a productive year last year, leading the nation in rushing yards along with 39 scores. Ball finds the lanes to run the ball and possesses the balance and physical power that is asked for in a power back. However, the great thing about Ball is that while he is primarily a power back, he has great quickness, and can change direction extremely quickly. With comparisons to ex-Jet Curtis Martin, Ball is an absolute steal, even in the second round.

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Third Round: Brian Winters, Tackle, Kent State

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Another position of concern for the Dolphins is on the offensive line, specifically at guard. With huge question marks surrounding the whole line, bringing in a guy like Brian Winters out of Kent State is the right choice. Winters, one of the most underrated prospects in the draft, plays tackle, but could move into a guard position, which is likely where he will be placed if he ends up in Miami. Winters shows durability, toughness, and quickness off of the snap, and is a very good run blocker. Winters makes sense here.

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Third Round (2): Dion Sims, Tight End, Michigan State

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The Dolphins need weapons for the young Tannehill, and picking up a huge target in Dion Sims would do the trick. To complement Anthony Fasano, the Dolphins don’t necessarily need a big play tight end that can change games. They need a position receiver who can be reliable, and Sims is just that. Sims has excellent size, speed, and is tough to bring down. Sims would fit excellent in the Dolphins offense. Sims’ only weakness is his durability, but the Dolphins will have to take that risk if they want that perfect complement for Fasano.

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Fourth Round: Corey Lemonier, Defense End, Auburn

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Corey Lemonier out of Auburn would be the ideal pass rusher alongside Cameron Wake. Lemonier ran an excellent 40 time and is so quick off the edge. He is a big hitter who looks to make the big knockout blow. His main weakness is his discipline, as Lemonier tends to be overaggressive, over pursuing into the backfield, but those types of weaknesses disappear with coaching.

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Fifth Round: Rodney Smith, Wide Reciever, Florida State

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In the fifth round, it’s either hit or miss, but wide out Rodney Smith out of Florida State, with a bit of coaching could be a big hit. At 6’4, Smith surprisingly has trouble playing up to his size, but has tremendous athleticism and good hands. Smith needs to improve his routes, but is regarded as a good blocker, and can get down field. Smith can be another vital weapon for Tannehill if he improves on using his size.

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Seventh Round: Jeff Baca, Guard, UCLA

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Offensive guard Jeff Baca out of UCLA will be left untouched by many because he isn’t a great athlete. But his toughness and physicality on the line is impressive. Baca uses his hands well, and shows tremendous awareness. A player like Baca is more than what you’re looking for in the seventh round.

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Seventh Round (2): Caleb Sturgis, Kicker, Florida

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The Dolphins will bring in someone to compete with kicker Nate Kaeding, and Caleb Sturgis out of Florida is just that. Sturgis is a highly accurate kicker with a big leg. Sturgis needs to learn how to kick the ball upward, as many scouts say that he kicks at a lower trajectory than preferred, but you really can’t get any better than Sturgis here.