Mike Wallace Expected to Sign Five-Year Deal with Miami Dolphins

By Andrew Fisher
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

NFL free agency is always full of surprises, but Mike Wallace signing with the Miami Dolphins would not fall in that category. As we sit just minutes into the start of free agency, the internet is already blowing up with reports that the Dolphins are extremely close to signing Wallace to a five-year deal.

After reports earlier this off-season indicated the team would pursue Greg Jennings, things changed over the past couple of weeks and the focus shifted to Wallace. If the Dolphins want a guy who can line up on the outside and be a deep threat, Wallace would fit the bill a little better than Jennings.

Clearly though, the main objective is to give quarterback Ryan Tannehill a go-to receiver for many years to come. Miami thinks they have their man in Tannehill, and now it’s just a matter of putting enough weapons around him to make him successful.

In addition to the rumors of Wallace signing a five-year deal, the Dolphins are also reportedly interested in free agent tight end Jared Cook. He’s expected to sign with a new team, and Miami is leading the pack in interest.

These two players will be instant game-changers in South Beach, but many questions would still remain if indeed the team doesn’t re-sign running back Reggie Bush. However, if the Dolphins can land both Wallace and Cook, I’m sure fans would quickly forget about Bush.

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